The IET ‘Routes to Registration’ session will outline the membership and professional registration process attendees will go through as well as the support available to them throughout. The IET will explain each of the qualifications and the competences needed for each as well as the process of applying, including the application form, mapping competences against the UK-SPEC and the professional review interview.

Managing Director of Critical Infrastructures, Andy Hirst, was pivotal in organising this workshop, as part of the divisions internal training initiatives. Andy commented “Investment in training is essential in order to continually drive the quality of engineering within Sudlows and build the IET partnership. This latest session will help streamline training and support our senior engineers in their continuing professional development.”

The IET will also be setting up a company based registration scheme (CBRS) with Sudlows. This involves a group of engineers and technicians who are ready to apply for professional registration going through the process together at a similar pace. This structured route to registration offers members the opportunity to work through their application in a supportive environment not only from the IET, but from their peers too.