As an established critical infrastructure specialist, we recognise more than most that data centres
truly are at the heart of a business’ ability to function effectively in the market.

The increasing reliance on data centre systems to support a business’s day to day operations mean that reliable, resilient and efficient designs need to be thoroughly tested and proven to provide the confidence that they can deliver at all times. Sudlows data centre testing and commissioning team are continually developing its approach and tool-sets to enable us to test facilities to their absolute limits.

The newest addition to the Sudlows data centre testing and commissioning toolset are the A:LIST load banks, the core of our Advanced Load Integrated Systems Test. These specialised load banks have been developed specifically for testing critical data centre environments and aim to deliver an accurate replication of the loads which will be installed.

The A:LIST system has been developed to accurately represent modern IT, giving a closer representation of the heat load of a server in both air flow and power. Using a load bank which matches the planned load closely provides data centre owner operators the peace of mind that their data centres are running efficiently and effectively.

The A:LIST load bank complements perfectly our industry leading testing and commissioning team and allows Sudlows to deliver a testing regime not possible with standard technologies.

A:LIST - as close to IT as IT gets.

A:LIST - as close to IT as IT gets.

For more information download the full A:LIST Technical Specification

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