We hope that during these challenging times that you are coping well. We would like to update all our customers and partners on our current situation relating to the coronavirus situation.

At Sudlows we are still continuing to deliver our critical infrastructure projects, where it is possible and where we are needed, whilst taking every precaution to ensure that the welfare of our colleagues, partners and the wider community are all kept as safe as possible during this unprecedented period.

The NHS, Teleco Providers, Food Distributors and Critical Data Centres all need our engineering skills to be able to maintain their essential operations function, especially given the demand and need of these key sectors in the coming weeks ahead.

The good news is that even during this period of social distancing, our Account Managers are always available for virtual meetings and communication by email and phone and would be happy to discuss your future project plans.

We have faced many challenges in our 100 plus years of working at the core of your business and rest assured that we will continue to do so. We look forward to being back to full service as soon as the current situation allows.

Thank you and stay safe.