This week at Sudlows, we are celebrating National Apprenticeship Week. This in an event held annually in recognition of the Apprentice community.

So what better way to do so than to share stories about the positive impact that participating in the apprenticeship schemes has made to our team and the Apprentices themselves.

Hannah Green, Recruitment Manager at Sudlows comments:

“Since the Apprentice Levy has been introduced, we have significantly invested in even more apprentices at Sudlows. In the past year alone, we have hired several new apprentices who have been placed in various departments of the business including IT, Finance, Admin and Engineering. These hires have proven to be very successful and are developing within their roles, learning more about the business and the work we do.”

Hannah continues, “There has always been a focus throughout the business on developing staff and encouraging progression within the company, apprenticeships have been a fantastic way of doing this.

“As Recruitment Manager, the most rewarding part of my job is hiring new employees and watching them flourish within Sudlows.”

We caught up with Bailey in the Operations team and who began his apprenticeship in 2016 and Sania, currently in the FM team, who started hers in 2018, to ask them both a few questions about their experience as apprenticeships and life at Sudlows:



What made you apply for your apprenticeship at Sudlows?

After attending college, I didn’t think University was the right step for me and wanted to get stuck into the workplace.

What did you aim to achieve from the apprenticeship?

I wanted to further develop my qualities and transferable skills required for a work environment. An apprenticeship is a great way to develop these qualities whilst earning, and learning to budget at the same time.

How did you settle into working at Sudlows?

Initially, I was nervous and it took me a month or two to settle in, however, the people around me made me feel more comfortable, which eased the settling in process.

Did you receive adequate and relevant training?

Yes, Sudlows offer a range of appropriate in-house software training, including courses on excel. At the moment I am currently undertaking a course in business admin. Additionally, I was mentored through aspects of training to work on processes that I required more clarification on.

Do you believe you have become a respected and valued member of the team?

Yes, I think I have developed relationships within the workplace that continue to strengthen and these allow me to become more team focused. I believe as I have been given more responsibilities I have matured and have become more independent throughout my apprenticeship.

What abilities have you gained/improved on over the course of your apprenticeship?

Over my time at Sudlows, my confidence has dramatically increased. I had never experienced a work environment prior to my apprenticeship and my time with Sudlows has encouraged me to become more focused in terms of my work ethic and business etiquette. Additionally, my views towards working in a team have changed drastically as I had always preferred working independently prior to the apprenticeship with Sudlows.

Do you feel you have received adequate support/feedback?

I continually receive a variety of feedback and support that certainly helps me improve. The feedback can be given in a number of ways including appraisals, receiving constructive criticism and observational support from colleagues. The feedback helps me resolve problems and overcome situations I have misunderstood.

Do you see a future with Sudlows following your apprenticeship?

Yes, I am enjoying my apprenticeship and get along with my colleagues very well and Sudlows offer a lot of opportunities for progression.



What made you apply for your apprenticeship at Sudlows?

I was looking to head straight into the workplace as I believed it would provide me with a broader learning experience. I chose an apprenticeship here at Sudlows because I enjoy a dynamic and fast-paced working environment, which Sudlows delivers.

How did you settle into your apprenticeship at Sudlows?

I found the settling in process challenging at first due to the drastic change between education and work. However, my colleagues have supported and motivated me throughout the whole process and were very welcoming.

Did you receive adequate and relevant training?

I received training on multiple software and the operational systems required to complete tasks. The training was in stages, moving from mentoring at the first stage, to eventually just being observed. As I progressed, I became more independent and have been given more responsibilities.

What abilities have you gained or improved on over the course of the apprenticeship?

I was placed in a variety of situations out of my comfort zone that tested me. However, these situations developed my transferable skills, such as confidence in verbal and written communication. I had also improved my ability to collaborate with customers and different people in various areas of the business and at all senior levels.

Do you feel you have received adequate support and feedback?

Working within such a close team ensured that I was always able to get the best support when needed. Whenever I misunderstood or required help, I only had to ask. I am constantly provided with feedback on the majority of my work from my colleagues/mentor through appraisals and constructive feedback.

Do you see a future with Sudlows following your apprenticeship?

Yes, I can see a future for myself at Sudlows and aim to progress to become a project coordinator. I have enjoyed, and will continue to enjoy my time with Sudlows and I would recommend an apprenticeship with them to anyone looking to earn whilst they learn.


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