In this day and age, the use of sophisticated IT equipment is becoming more and more prominent in a lot of businesses. For this reason, an increasing number of companies are requiring a data centre or specialist comms rooms in which they can store and protect their IT core infrastructure.

Nevertheless, a data centre is not something that can be template designed or put together off the shelf. Deciphering the best method of powering and cooling a data centre alone is a demanding and intricate task. Plus, you must consider the best location for the data centre and how the facility itself is going to be integrated and best utilised, in other words; what is the ideal way to lay out the room?

Expert assistance

Building a data centre is clearly not something that should be tackled by just anybody and so when it comes to data centre design and planning it is highly recommendable that businesses utilise the technical advantages of professionals in this area.

So, what can you expect when dealing with an expert data centre design company like Sudlows? A good data centre design and build company will provide you with a Technical Advisor, someone who will assess the current situation and then give their verdict on the best way to move forward.

They will advise you as to what they think is the best power and cooling system for your business and why, as well as giving you some information as to how to be the most sustainable when using these sophisticated critical infrastructures. For instance, what sort of location they should be looking for, or if they have one already then they will explain any changes in layout which may improve the efficiency of your data centre facility.

The information that a data centre professional provides will be based on thorough and extensive research on their part, taking into account both the wider economic and environmental impact of building a sophisticated structure such as a data centre from scratch.

Design, Build & Maintenance

Once the wider business case and technical assessment has been dealt with and all parties are happy, the design and construction process will take place. This step is the critical phase, as the scale of such a major engineering project will always create challenges that only experienced Data Centre Engineers can anticipate and manage on site.

The following step after this is one that all good companies should provide, but a lot of them do not; good maintenance and technical aftercare. Any credible company will offer a service and maintenance package whereby they will provide support and help to monitor the effectiveness of the data centre as it evolves over the lifetime of the facility.

All in all, any business which requires a data centre will need to have some sophisticated level of power and cooling systems, all connected with a detailed technical design.

This is something which obviously requires the aid of qualified professionals, such as Uptime Institute Accredited Designers, and so it is highly important that people seek out the very best company for the job.

Here at Sudlows, we believe we offer a great service, so why not get in touch and see what we could do for you?