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Case Study


This award winning business to business hosting provider engaged Sudlows to design and deliver two new data centres located across the Greater Manchester area. The hosting business is recognised as one of the UK’s most dynamic web and domain hosting providers winning multiple awards for its entrepreneurship and work environment.

The Brief

The Hosting Company were looking to expand their existing hosting and co-location services and offer clients a bespoke cloud based services. At the time they were renting expensive hosting space from a third party provider and were looking to invest in their own data centre facilities.

The Solution

The Hosting Company were looking to phase the delivery of their data centres over several months.

This would allow for organic growth whilst the company migrated their servers from their rented space into their own data centre.

All data centres are designated under BSI PS 2060 accreditation as 100% Carbon Neutral.

With eight separate data centre operations, The Hosting Company were looking to consolidate their operation into two energy efficient facilities.

Facility One

• 750m2
• 3MVA – Power Capacity
• 300 x 48U Cabinets with 3kW cooling.
• 13 x 86kW Emerson DX CRAC cooling units (N+1) per room.
• 4 x 27kW DX CRAC cooling units.
• 4 x 400KVA UPS (N+1)
• 3 x 1MVA Diesel Generator (75dBA) with 24 hour fuel tank. (N+1)
• Building & Construction Works
• Data Recovery Clean Room
• Energy Management System
• Secure Access Control

Facility Two

• 1850m2
• 3.5MVA – Power Capacity
• 35 x 80kW Emerson Digital DX CRAC cooling air conditioning units (N+1)
• 5 x 600kVA UPS unit (N+1) with 5mins battery
• 3 x 1.9MVA generator (75dBA) with 24 hour fuel tank. (N+1)
• Building & Construction Works
• Data Recovery Clean Room
• IG55 fire suppression with double knock Vesda detection system
• Secure Access Control

The Conclusion

The design of these new energy efficient data centre facilities provides the ideal technology platform on which this hosting business would continue to innovate and support their clients operations and helped then to develop and offer a wider range of cloud based services.


Andy Hirst, Managing director of Critical Infrastructures at Sudlows said;
“Our client has a reputation for delivering bespoke hosting solutions to over 200,000 e-commerce web-sites. So it was vital that Sudlows created a data centre that was more than capable of supporting the potential growth of this award winning hosting company.”

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