Thomasson Memorial School

Case Study


Thomasson Memorial School is a day school for children with hearing impairments. The site hosts a nursery for children aged 2-4 and primary and secondary schools for pupils aged 4-16. The school endeavours to develop students’ language and communication skills to progress their educational and social skills.

The Brief

The client requested an access control solution to be adapted for their existing gate in order to monitor staff coming into the building and to provide a method of securing the main school entrance and gate.

Viewing the security and safety of their pupils and staff as paramount, the school required a solution that could accurately identify individuals as and when they enter and exit the main school building.

The Project

When looking at the client’s brief, Sudlows felt that a Paxton Net2 solution integrated with Suprema biometrics offered the optimal blend of features, usability and security required by the school.

In order to accurately identify a person, with minimal technical error, Sudlows selected the Suprema biometric solution. While PIN numbers and tokens can be assigned to an individual, this does not accurately identify the person, as both can be easily lost, shared or passed on to another without traceability.

Biometrics, however, are person specific and as a result, was the ideal solution to satisfy the client’s requirements. By integrating the Suprema system with the Paxton, Sudlows have delivered a robust and high performing solution.

Child safety and security is fundamental to all of Sudlows’ school projects and installations, particularly in the case of Thomasson Memorial, which is a day school for hearing impaired children, so any works completed on the main access gates to the site needed to be done so with health and safety considerations as a priority.

To this end, Sudlows specified the fitting of a new electric motorised enhancement to the existing school gate, which includes anti-trap and anti-crush sensors to ensure the children’s safety and that the gate could operate securely.


Sudlows designed a solution for Thomasson Memorial School that perfectly matched their requirements. Using the ideal blend of technology, the new access control system installed for Thomasson Memorial School will allow them to accurately monitor site access, giving the school peace of mind that both pupil’s and staff are adequately protected, all whilst ensuring their health and safety by making good use of anti-trap and anti-crush sensors.


Yvonne Connah, School Office Manager at Thomasson Memorial School, said:
“Thomasson Memorial required a gate to our playground and main entrance to the school that met all of our safeguarding criteria, ensuring that all of our pupils and staff were in a safe environment.

“We contacted a number of companies to discuss our requirements and the options available to suit our needs.

“Sudlows were the most professional out of the people we contacted. From start to finish they listened to what we ‘thought’ we needed and what they considered to be the best options for our school.

“They did not try to sell us anything that we did not need and gave us a very competitive price for the work we did require. The safety of our children and staff were of great importance to them as a company and they worked very hard to ensure that this continued throughout the work being carried out.

“We had a few teething problems as you would expect and the Sudlows ‘team’ were always at the end of the phone and sorted these minor issues out immediately. They were only too happy to please and to ensure that the job was done to a very high standard.

“I would definitely recommend Sudlows for their workmanship, quality of work, professionalism and value for money whilst caring for the safety of our pupils and staff.”

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