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TGS are a leading, global supplier of data to companies and investors in the energy sector, their offerings including seismic, magnetic and coring data. TGS have been providing trusted insights that can minimise risks and enable more detailed understanding of natural resource investments for over 40 years.

The Brief

TGS required a full AV installation fit-out of their new build office in Woking. The newly built offices contain several meeting rooms of varying sizes. Each room was to be furnished with similar hardware to allow for ease of use throughout the office. In several of the rooms, video conferencing was required to encourage collaboration with colleagues at different sites.

The Project

Directors Office

Within this office we installed a client issued Samsung display onto a flat Peerless wall mount and a Logitech camera. The camera has pan, tilt and zoom capabilities, enabling the users the flexibility to use in multiple positions. The Logitech solution uses a table speakerphone with built-in speakers and microphones, providing maximum audio coverage for the room. A HDMI connection and faceplate were also installed to allow for quick and easy local presentations.

Video Conference Rooms 1, 3, 4 & 5

These spaces were fitted with 65” displays. A Logitech Meet Up was then installed along with a nook PC used to drive the desired content to the display and host the Microsoft Teams application.

The Logitech Meet Up also has advanced pan, tilt and zoom capabilities as well as built-in microphones and speakers to allow for increased flexibility. These rooms were also equipped with a HDMI faceplate for local presenting.

Video Conference Room 2

The second video conference room was fitted with 2 x 55” Samsung displays and a Logitech Group Kit with built-in microphones and speakers. The video conferencing camera was installed at the display location and is fully controllable from a touch panel. We also installed a ‘cable cubby’ in this room to allow for better cable management and power sockets for charging devices.

Breakout Area

This area was to be used as a large meeting room/event space. Sudlows’ AV Engineers installed a projector and sizeable projector screen along with two 65” repeater screens to further optimise the viewing experience. The displays are driven by a presentation switcher which manages and processes all the inputs and outputs within this space. Two HDMI connections were also made available via a wall plate for users to connect directly to the system and to present from their laptop screens. A 75” wall mounted Samsung display was also installed in the breakout area with a built-in tuner so users can watch TV while on their lunch breaks.

The system is controlled via a dedicated wall mounted touch panel. Using this touch panel users will be able to control all aspects of the AV system. This can include volume control, displays, projector, and inputs into the presentation switcher.

Ten pendant speakers were installed to cover the area of the breakout room, powered by a 100v amplifier. Ten in-Ceiling speakers were also installed to cover the overflow areas of the breakout area when it is in use.


Sudlows have successfully installed AV solutions across TGS’s newly built offices that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and allow for fully collaborative working across the business.

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