Stockport Council Blown Fibre

Case Study


Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council (MBC) is large local authority within Greater Manchester which services a population of around 300,000 people. The local authority owns Stockport Homes which is a limited company that exists to manage the housing stock in its ownership. Stockport Homes works with Stockport MBC to ensure that the best results are achieved for its customers and communities.

The Brief

Stockport Homes recently relocated to a new head office close to Stockport Town Hall and existing council offices. The organisation required a new multi-duct Emtelle blown fibre tube to run from the communications room, located on the first floor of the new office, to an additional communications room located on the ground floor of the opposite council building, enabling staff to access to Council’s corporate network.

The Project

Stockport MBC installed a new duct across the highway between the two buildings before contracting Sudlows to install and commission the blown fibre link.

With the new line running into the occupied Stockport MBC building, Sudlows’ engineers worked within specified timescales and out of office hours to complete the installation.

The site also presented a major challenge during the installation as the duct needed to be widened to allow the lines to be fixed in place. Sudlows worked in partnership with the council to make the alterations before installing the blown fibre tube across the highway.


The new fibre link connects the Stockport MBC data centre to the new Stockport Homes building, allowing staff to join the council’s IT network. Sudlows were able to work flexibly to meet the requirements of the project, causing minimal disruption to the organisation’s staff and customer services and allowing the office move to take place as planned.


Adrian Davies, IT Operations Manager at Stockport MBC, said:
“The move to a new head office is a major project for Stockport Homes and it was vital that the IT infrastructure was in place to provide a seamless transition of services for its customers.

“Sudlows expertise and knowledge of blown fibre installations helped overcome the challenges of the project and ensured the fibre connectivity project was completed on time.”


Greater Manchester, UK


12 Core OM3 Emtelle Blown Fibre


1 Month

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