St John’s Wood Academy


  • Location | Knutsford, Chesire
  • Sector | Education
  • Solution | Education
  • System | Electrical barrier and Pedestrian gates with Paxton Net2 Access Control with Net2 Entry and fob readers
  • Duration | 2 weeks

St John’s Wood Academy is an educational facility based in Knutsford, Cheshire. As a specialist school, St John’s Wood Academy caters for children aged 11-16 with particular Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs.

The Brief

St John’s Wood Academy required a secure access control solution to be installed on their existing electric powered barrier and gate to monitor both vehicle and pedestrian access to the school grounds in order to improve the campus security and thus the safety of the school’s staff, students and school visitors.
The project required a solution suitable for controlling the chosen system, which is also user friendly and resilient. The client also needed to be able to monitor who and when people were entering the school grounds.

The Project

After reviewing St John’s Wood Academy’s brief, Sudlows’ Technical Design Team decided that the Paxton Net2 system was the ideal solution for our client. Sudlows are a Paxton registered installer and therefore are able deliver a full service from design and supply to install and commission.

The Paxton Net2 system matched the client’s requirements perfectly, delivering a user friendly, robust and resilient system that can support future development, as the system is scalable and works in collaboration and integration with an array of other safety components. This Paxton install uses personal key fobs to allow the school to identify the personnel entering and leaving the site and when they do so.

The health and safety of the staff and students was our priority throughout the project. Because of the nature of the project and the works being carried out in a school, certain incident prevention systems were employed in the installation such as anti-trap and anti-crush sensors on the gates and barriers.

The Conclusion

Sudlows designed an access control solution for St John’s Wood Academy that delivered on their desired specifications using the most suitable technology. The system will allow our client to accurately monitor who is on the school site and when they arrive and leave to ensure the safety and security of the school’s staff and students.

The works were completed on the live site during term time and Sudlows were able to complete the works without detriment to the day-to-day operations of the school whilst ensuring exceptional levels of health and safety when working on the site.

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