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Case Study

Ongo is the largest housing provider in North Lincolnshire and neighbouring areas, offering quality, affordable homes for rent, shared ownership and sale. They also provide property management and maintenance services to private customers, and run a range of community projects specialising in employment and training.

The Brief

Sudlows secured the contract to design and build a new IT Server Room located on the 2nd floor of a newly constructed building, dedicated to the operations of Ongo.

The Project

The new server room was constructed to a scale of 6m x 3m and is 3.2m high. The room will host the critical IT services for the operations of Ongo; including new mechanical and electrical infrastructure.

The mechanical installation is based on a hot-aisle containment system with 3 x Daikin wall mounted heat pump FVA140 DX units used for cooling, which operate in run and standby modes.
The DX units cool the external space of the containment aisle which houses 6 x server cabinets.

Critical Power is backed up via a Riello UPS unit located within the server room. The unit is a modular system with incremental 20kVa power modules for N+1 resilience.

The Mechanical and Electrical services installed to the server room IT equipment are provided in an A&B power configuration. In the event of mains power loss, the ATS changes the supply over to generator supply. During the changeover sequence the IT circuits are backed up via the UPS power supply.

In addition to the main incoming supply, there is also a secondary supply to the room fed via a 60kVA generator located externally to the building.


  • Hot-aisle containment configuration housing wall mounted DX CRAC Units in N+1 configuration.
  • New Gas Suppression system and Vesda.
  • IT Cabinets each have dual 16A supply feeds, supplied from the Critical IT A & B distribution boards. All cables feeding the cabinets are SWA type and run on dedicated cable trays at high level.
  • N+1 Modular UPS system for critical IT circuits.
  • Secondary incoming electrical mains back-up supply system via an external 60kVA Diesel Generator.


Electrical Services

  • A & B LV Switchgear
  • ATS Changeover
  • Standby Generation
  • N+1 Modular UPS System
  • A & B Power Distribution Critical IT supplies
  • Small Power, Lighting and Emergency Lighting

Mechanical Services

  • Daikin AC units (CRAC Upflow)
  • Water Leak Detection
  • External condenser units
  • Gas Suppression system and Vesda


The new server room will provide Ongo with the ideal base for all their critical IT operations in order to ensure a reliable platform to support their stakeholders across all of their social housing projects.


Ryan Heseltine – Solutions Architect at Ongo, said:

“Sudlows came with an excellent reputation for their data centre design and build projects and have clearly demonstrated that in the delivery of our new server room. We are confident that Sudlows have delivered a sustainable, highly resilient facility that will support the outstanding customer service, delivered by the Ongo operational team.”

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