Nationwide Power Upgrade Programme for International Telecoms Company

Case Study

As part of a nationwide LV and UPS upgrade programme, Sudlows were appointed following a competitive tender process to undertake upgrades to the main electrical systems supporting 9 locations which underpin key aspects of the UK networks for a major international telecoms company.

The projects were all specific to the various sites, with bespoke engineering and design required to adapt to an otherwise consistent design philosophy to the various constraints of the individual sites.

Sudlows worked closely with the specified manufacturers of the LV Panels, UPS and Battery Systems, and Static Transfer Switches to deliver infrastructure upgrades which, to a varying degree between sites, offered prolonged life to the installations, increased capacity and added resilience.

Sudlows followed a defined project plan for each aspect of the works, with staged design approvals, and a clear project programme to minimise the risks for the project. All works were delivered in-line with both Sudlows’ and the Clients’ Change Management Processes, including issuing the required change requests and obtaining network and Site Engineering authorisation for the works as required.

Due to the nature of the works forming part of a critical nationwide network, it was also required for Sudlows to manage and adapt to unplanned changes outside of our control, including the introduction of nationwide change freezes in response to events outside of the sites within our control requiring works to be aborted and rescheduled with little notice. Due to the experience of our dedicated Telecoms Delivery Team, these events were able to be managed smoothly and with minimal interruption to our scheduled works, whilst always maintaining the highest level of resilience for the sites themselves.

On our recommendation, several key pieces of plant which posed the greatest risk to the works should they fail on-site testing, or which were not able to be tested comprehensively on-site due to site specific limitations, were subjected to a comprehensive factory test, witnessed by both Sudlows Engineers and the Client Team.

All sites were live and operational throughout the works, and downtime, where unavoidable, required a collaborative approach with the Client Team to mitigate the impacts, and exercise a high level of control over the works, planning every detail concisely. Due to this acute attention to detail, the works across all sites, were able to be delivered smoothly and without unplanned disruption to the core networks.

As part of the works, Sudlows were responsible for the planning, design, installation, commissioning and testing of the works in their entirety.

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