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Case Study


Our client is a sixth form college located in Manchester that is dedicated to the academic, spiritual and social development of its students. This exceptional educational facility has been described as “Outstanding in every respect” by Ofsted Inspectors.

The Brief

The client requested the design and installation of a new Video Surveillance System (VSS) to replace the existing analogue CCTV system which had been installed across the college campus.

Our client required a VSS solution supported by a central management platform that can accurately identify individuals when they are on the school campus. This allows for greater security which is of grave importance to the client.

The Project

After considering the security requirements of our client, Sudlows felt that a Hikvision solution offered the optimal blend of features, usability and security that also delivers the minimal technical error required by the college.

Sudlows began the project by conducting an on-site assessment of the expected camera locations. The college required a mixture of both indoor and outdoor cameras with a range of specifications. Sudlows’ Smart Technology Design Team subsequently selected the Hikvision & HikCentral solution.

The Hikvision solution includes a broad range of indoor and outdoor cameras suitable for the scene to be viewed. This was then paired with an easy to use Software Management platform that the college staff are able to use to view and playback footage therefore being able to identify the personnel and recorded events from anywhere on the network via a web based portal.

In order to support the VSS connectivity required, Sudlows also installed Category 6 U/UTP outlets in all required locations and installed a layer 2 PoE switch architecture to link all camera locations back to the colleges’ main Data Centre. This approach provided physical and logical separation of the VSS network and main college network with the connectivity to the VSS solution coming via a second, separate management port on the HikCentral Server.

Accurate time stamps are critical to a VSS solutions and in order to ensure that the timestamps on CCTV footage remain the same across the whole system, Sudlows installed a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server as part of the VSS installation.

Ensuring the health & safety of our staff, clients and wider community is fundamental to all Sudlows projects and installations, particularly when working in educational facilities such as that of our client’s where there are over 2,000 students aged 16- 19 on the premises. Sudlows ensured that full health & safety standards and considerations were seen as priority before and throughout the lifecycle of the project.

The Conclusion

Sudlows have designed and delivered a robust and high performing security solution that perfectly matched the requirements of our client. Using the ideal blend of technology, our client will now be able to accurately monitor site activities, giving the college the peace of mind that both students and staff are adequately protected.

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