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INEOS is a world leading manufacturer of specialist chemicals and oil products. Their production network currently spans 60 manufacturing facilities in 13 countries all around the world.

The Brief

New regeneration plans proposed for the commercial production site meant INEOS was keen to install a new high speed fibre network to link a number of remote buildings across the expansive Seal Sands plant.

This new bandwidth network needed to be flexible enough to accommodate future expansion as well as reducing infrastructure costs for the global leader.

The Project

In 2008 the company acquired BASF’s manufacturing facility located at Seal Sands in North East England. Sudlows had previously managed connectivity projects with BASF for three years prior to the INEOS acquisition. This perfectly placed our consultants and engineers to continue working at the facility having already cultivated an in-depth knowledge of the challenging manufacturing environment.

It was clear from the start that a 10GB blown fibre network was the best option. Blown fibre is a versatile method of installing fibre optic cables which directs the flow of compressed air towards targeted and user destinations.

Our expert engineers designed and installed a blown fibre ring that fully integrated with the IT infrastructure upgrade.

The ring surrounded the entire site circling an expansive area. This structure acts as a solid platform for the future; once in place our client can add, change, relocate or remove connections as the new buildings take shape.

Due to the adaptability of blown fibre, Sudlows could install a combination of both LED based Multimode fibre for lower bandwidth, short distance communications, and Singlemode fibres to instantly transmit high bandwidth data.

As a unified connecting base, blown fibre allows INEOS to install, at a later date, CCTV, Access Control and Energy Management components to be linked on to one standardised network and completely unify all business activities.

As a unified network arrangement, this provides the kind of future proofing and advanced technology that INEOS desired.


Having the most modern, dedicated optical fibre network on the market means INEOS now has the highest levels of control, security, reliability and agility to seize all growth opportunities as they emerge.


Mazahr Allahdad, Project Manager at INEOS, said:
“Thanks to Sudlows the new sophisticated specification provides a wide and resilient seven-way blown fibre tube to all desired locations; connecting the main data centre to disaster recovery and a total of nine remote communication rooms spanning across an extensive area.

“Sudlows demonstrated the perfect combination of expertise and adaptable approach to the design and build of a fibre network meeting our high standards.”


Seal Sands, Teeside, UK




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