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This UK-headquartered car manufacturer has been responsible for the engineering, manufacturing and distribution of luxury cars and SUVs across the world for nearly 100 years.

As a major brand in the automotive industry, the company is continuously investing in a modern, efficient and cost effective infrastructure to support its operations.

The Brief

In order to support the growth of their headquarters, the company required radio frequency (RF) tracking signal coverage around one of its manufacturing buildings and a vehicle storage area. However, due to the distances, environment and cost, network connectivity for the RF tracking signal devices was proving to be a challenge.

Sudlows proposed a new Commscope Powered Fibre solution, which uses a hybrid fibre and copper cable while providing PoE+ to units up to 1.6km from the power source without the need for additional power at the unit end. This would resolve all issues facing the RF tracking units.

The Project

The powered fibre solution enables the right amount of power to reach the RF tracking signal in areas a long way from the site power source.

Sudlows coupled the solution with the on-site power supply which enabled power and communication with the PoE+ units over a far greater distance than a standard copper cabling system would allow, while still ensuring NEC Class II and SELV standards were met.

The PoE+ units were also installed with circuit protection and DC/DC conversion electronics which automatically condition the electrical voltage to the correct level needed for PoE input to the RF tracking units.


Sudlows’ solution overcame all the connectivity problems the car manufacturer initially faced when the project was proposed.

The company can now keep track of all production line vehicles at their headquarters even in areas where a tracking signal would have been an issue. This increases security and productivity at the site as well as reducing down time and unnecessary maintenance costs in the long-term.




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