Freemans Grattan Holdings

Case Study

The Brief

Sudlows were tasked by Freemans Grattan Holdings to upgrade their existing legacy network infrastructure within their Group headquarters in Bradford. The existing cabinets and fibre backbone were no longer suitable to accommodate their requirement for new, deeper switches, increased bandwidth and a manageable network.

The Project

Sudlows worked closely with FGH from design to conception, advising on the correct fibres to install and the ideal depth of cabinets and cabinet layout/ patching. All this had to be completed with minimal to zero disruption to the business operations.

Sudlows installed new Excel 12 Core OM4 fibre backbone cables from the main server room to each remote cabinet location in preparation for the installation of the new cabinets.

Over one weekend, Sudlows successfully replaced a total of 5 legacy cabinets by decanting all copper, fibre cabling and switches. New deeper cabinets were then installed and the existing copper and new fibres were connected into the cabinets, all following a new cabinet layout which allowed for more efficient and manageable patching.

The Conclusion

The customer experienced zero downtime to their business and there were no subsequent issues once all the staff returned to work on the following Monday morning. FGH now have a more sustainable and manageable network infrastructure which will serve the business for years to come, with space and capacity to accommodate any potential future expansion.

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