Case Study


Dough is an independent pizzeria ran by experienced husband-and-wife duo Rachael and Kai. Based in Wigan, the restaurant specialises in hand crafted, made to order pizzas, delivered with excellent service, in a modern and welcoming environment.

The Project

The restaurant is spread over two floors, as a result, Dough were in need of a collaboration solution to allow staff to better communicate between one and other.

VoCoVo are a market leading communications specialist. As Gold Partners, we decided to supply a VoCoVo Go solution with five user headsets.

The VoCoVo Go operates on a DECT frequency so it does not interfere with commercial wireless access technologies and has a single based station offering coverage of 90 square meters.

All five headsets can be at use at the same time with staff either able to use “push to talk” mode or “talk lock” to go hands free, where the team can talk and listen at the same time just like a normal conversation.

Sudlows installed the communications system including base station and charging unit in a suitable location and provided on-site training on system functionality to the staff at Dough.


Rachael Binder, Dough commented;

“When opening our restaurant back in October 2022 we needed to find a communications system for staff due to the restaurant being over two floors. After researching, it seemed that VoCoVo was the only option that provided everything we needed. The installation process by Sudlows was smooth and efficient and the system is extremely easy to use. Since opening, the system has proved invaluable and helps us to run a smooth and successful restaurant as communication over both floors is extremely easy.”

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