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Sudlows collaborate with Juniper to deliver superior end-user experiences across retail environments with an AI-Driven Network


From providing essential products to advancing lifestyles and fashion, today’s retailers have to connect with their customers more intimately.

In addition, there’s the struggle to transform operations for the new global climate and new contactless shopping needs.

Understanding customers better, creating safe, in-store shopping experiences, optimising inventories, and building robust contactless operations all demand technology infrastructure that’s built for retail.

Only an AI-driven enterprise can keep pace with these new operations and help you shift from surviving to thriving in this era.

Juniper solutions installed by Sudlows can create;


  • Deep customer insights and more efficient associate interactions
  • Improved store IT operations including automated, easy deployments and inventory tracking
  • Safe in-store experience for customers and associates with contact tracing and congestion alerting
  • Buy online pick up in store (BOPIS) and other contactless shopping methods
  • Advanced location-based services and rugged outdoor Wi-Fi 6 Aps support app wakeup, curbside pickup notification with associate app, customer associate interaction in store, and loss prevention
  • Real-time inventory management, predictive analytics, and AI powered search
  • Predict problems before they arise, such as capacity issues during the holidays
  • Provide high-speed indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi coverage with built-in location services
  • Offer touchless app-based search, evaluation, and product selection
  • Enable freedom to create push notifications anywhere with virtual beacons

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