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The Data Centre Industry is rapidly expanding and with that, demand for quick deployment and scalability whilst also reducing operating costs, energy consumption and carbon footprint. Sudlows has proudly developed a two modular and fully portable Data Centre Pods to suit the current market demands, the ‘Nano Pod’ and the ‘Micro Pod’.


Our pre-fabricated Data Centre approach reduces initial capital costs considerably and drastically reduces the construction time period that a traditional building would require. The Pods offer an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution which provide standard and repeatable designs for future remote deployments with options for any “add-on” systems.

Both our Micro and Nano Pods are fully customisable to suit every client and site requirement. Custom built Data Centre Pods include modifications and options for cooling technology, critical equipment resilience, IT accommodation space and vendor friendly monitoring and management software.

Our Nano and Micro Pods can;


  • Highly reduced initial capital costs
  • Increased operating cost optimisation
  • Maximise available white-space
  • Reduce design costs
  • Design, maintain and monitor for the desired uptime
  • Fast and simple change management
  • Automate and Orchestrate IT
  • Be fully customisable to suit requirements and needs
  • Achieve target PUE 1.3 or less*

*Subject to site location

Download our Nano and Micro Pods brochure, call 0800 783 5697 or email to find out more.

Nano and Micro Pods

Nano and Micro Pods

For more information download the full A:LIST Technical Specification

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