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Fibre Specialists

We design, build and maintain reliable fibre networks for high capacity data delivery within local, wide area and metropolitan networks. We are accomplished installers across multiple building environments.

Our capabilities span campus environments and external networks including Fibre to the Premise (FttP), Cabinet (FttC) and Home (FttH); applications collectively known as (FttX). By placing you at the core of our business we can develop an accurate understanding of your network requirements. Our planners provide technical designs so you benefit from unlimited bandwidth applications with capacity for future expansion. Whether you are looking to build a new network platform or upgrade an existing one, we deliver the following services:

  • Design Services
  • Conventional Fibre Installations
  • Blown Fibre Installations
  • Parallel Optics
  • Ducting Systems
  • Advanced Splicing, Termination and Testing
  • Fault Diagnosis & Repair

Our specialist fibre capabilities are enhanced when combined with our Building Services division to provide a complete fibre and ducting infrastructure. This benefits our clients by significantly reducing costs and timescales associated with sourcing multiple contractors.

Our fibre engineering teams bring together expertise and experience to deliver consistently high quality installations and support services for Conventional Fibre and Blown Fibre connectivity, including;

Our fibre teams are experts in installation, advanced splicing, termination, fault diagnosis, repair and testing. Engineers have the latest specialist equipment for all fibre systems in case of emergency call out. Whether you are looking to build a fast and resilient network, upgrade your fibre links or connect to another site, you need to talk to our fibre specialists.

Find out how we can build a dedicated fibre network platform for future-proof, high bandwidth applications.

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Project Officer at Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council, said of the project: “The Sudlows team always thinks one step ahead to provide the most innovative designs based on our own communication needs. The Sudlows vision has brought Oldham Council‘s fibre infrastructure right up to speed.”

Case Studies

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