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Planned and Preventative Maintenance

Property is normally the single largest asset which an individual, business or organisation will own.

If they are not regularly maintained the property will degrade, the asset value could decrease and in turn could cause increased demands for maintenance expenditure with sudden large financial demands for elements such as mechanical and electrical services.

It is always recommended for businesses to have a sound planned preventative maintenance schedule or PPM, this would be therefore financially advantageous if not essential to negate any one off charges which could reflect on a system being permanently damaged or dysfunctional. It can ensure that routine maintenance and repair works are implemented to ease out these one off costs and ensure the asset values are maintained or even enhanced.

We can offer routine PPM inspections and prepare schedules for client benefit and ease. These schedules can identify the main components of a building for repair or can be prepared in detail on a room by room basis, no matter how large or small.

Once schedules are prepared and in place, we can progress necessary remedial works through our in-house project management team from initiating briefs for the client, preparing budgets schedules and producing specifications, implementing the specialist contractors and delivering through to practical completion.

All machines require regular and effective planned maintenance to operate correctly and meet their design specifications. The consequences of ineffective planned maintenance can be huge in terms of profitability, personnel morale and management time.

Such consequences are often overlooked or miscalculated because machine breakdowns are not just a cause of lost time and potentially missed deadlines but have a direct effect on output, efficiency and thus profitability. Therefore, the importance of effective planned maintenance to reduce the occurrence of such incidents cannot be overstated.

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