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Data Centre Infrastructure

Sudlows consider the impact of power, air-conditioning, environmental monitoring, room construction and security on the data centre environment.

We assess your interior and exterior data centre environment against the expected IT load, initial project budget and desired performance criteria to consider the feasibility of using high specification products. By creating a technical design proposal we can take into account your future needs and highlight any implications to the integrity of IT equipment.

Sudlows achieve optimum infrastructure design by engaging with key manufacturers within the data centre industry for materials, training and support. This guarantees that all our engineering teams are able to deliver the best and most cost effective solution.

If you are developing a continuity plan, perhaps developing a new facility or simply upgrading an existing one, you need to talk to our qualified data centre professionals for infrastructure advice.

Sudlows provide power infrastructure for both new and existing data centres including power monitoring and individual outlet control.

We are a vendor independent company who source specialist power products including UPS Systems, Generators and PDUs (Power Distribution Units) to match the most critical specifications at the right cost and efficiency.

For clients who are interested in pursuing the latest technologies, Sudlows investigate prospects for increased efficiency or savings on an individual project basis.

As more data centre products are developed for use in the UK market, such as Flywheel Technology, Fuel Cells, CHP (Combined Heat and Power) and Tri-Generation, there are plenty of opportunities to provide energy efficient power to the data centre for constant and standby power generation.

Critical, highly available data centre applications can be engineered to meet your modern day needs.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems provide high performance power protection to data centre hardware. They automatically make power available from a separate source in the event of data centre power loss or power surges.

Sudlows independently develop specifications according to the right cost and efficiency for your large or small scale data centre or computer room.  Whether you are developing a new data centre or plan to upgrade your computer room facilities, Sudlows have the expertise to design the most resilient infrastructure.

Our UPS manufacturing partners (Riello, UPS, Rittal and AVK Titan) supply the most reliable type of UPS systems on the market designed for small or critical loads up to the highest tolerance power ratings.

First generation Flywheel UPS Technology is a highly efficient short-term energy storage system that uses kinetic energy as an alternative option to battery operated systems. On full load this newly developed technology can achieve up to 98% efficiency and save considerable amount of data centre space.

Flywheel Technology is an alternative to traditional systems, but is not right for every data centre. Its application should be assessed against the expected IT load, initial project budget and desired performance criteria. Sudlows data centre consultants are experienced in all areas of technology assessment, installation and integration and will use this technology only for optimum system design.

Standby and combined UPS generating sets are high performance diesel-powered products that mechanically generate back-up power in response to any unexpected mains failure.

Sudlows work with the world’s leading generator set manufacturers, who strive for only the most robust product improvements and design innovations.

Generating sets are critical to protecting complex data centre operations and for ultimate facility protection generators must be sized according to data centre capacity. This is so that the critical load can be fully supported until mains power is restored.

Sudlows design and build Low and High Density cooling systems to constantly cool server racks, circulate air and maintain sensitive data centre environments.

Whether you are a consultant or end-user, Sudlows meet each data centre objective by sourcing the most appropriate cooling hardware that will lower energy consumption, reduce long-term infrastructure costs and increase reliability in your data centre.

Our energy-focused cooling designs tackle prevalent “green issues”, such as carbon reduction and leak technology since server room environments now generate huge amounts of heat.

Our approach is based on employing innovative alternatives. Chilled water units, DX cooling, external chiller and condenser technologies are all effective options that can maximize ambient outdoor temperatures to steadily maintain constant cooling temperatures.

Free Cooling technology makes use of outdoor ambient air temperatures to help meet data centre cooling requirements and can provide the right requirements for your facility if your data centre is placed in a suitable climate location.

Efficient Free Cooling technology reduces demand placed on CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) units and chilled water systems by incorporating either air or water economisers, which lower the energy usage lowers required for precision cooling.

Arrange a data centre audit with our consultants to provide a critical assessment of your temperature and humidity conditions, as well as technological and environmental recommendations.

Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units monitor and maintain environmental aspects of low to medium density data centre cabinets, such as temperature, humidity and air distribution.

CRAC units allow cold air to be blown up through the raised floor platform directly into the servers. Any excess heat then efficiently cooled and returned to the unit.

If this is considered a viable option in your data centre, arrange a meeting with our data centre team to discuss the technology further.

Sudlows design and build high security data centre enclosures to protect crucial computer room hardware from external environmental threats and crime.

We are accomplished installers of secure building infrastructures incorporating Access Control and CCTV systems across multiple industry environments, particularly high security Government organisations, Healthcare and University sites where access is restricted to authorised personnel.

We can greatly increase the security of your company premises and data centre facilities by installing the latest CCTV and Access Control solutions, whether you require simple analogue security systems, remote monitoring, sealed modular walls or cutting-edge biometric access control systems.

By placing you at the core of our business, we can develop an accurate understanding of the security measures required for your business environment for maximum facility protection.

Sudlows install access control systems for all levels of business protection. We integrate suitable security systems for all data centre settings including; single door access control, multi-server systems and perimeter security gates.

Some of the latest physical and logical access control products include; proximity card access, biometrics, ID management and digital video integration.

Whether you require main access control to one location, central network management for flexible control of users groups or additional services such as intruder alarms, fire doors, lifts or lighting,

Sudlows’ critical data centre developments are designed as “Room within a Room” enclosures and are protected by security alarm systems and monitored by video surveillance cameras
Sudlows design, install and maintain CCTV surveillance systems for a variety of industry sectors, from small commercial businesses to large healthcare and industrial environments.

A precise requirement of high specification data centres is to monitor all site access points to shield unwanted threats or attacks.

CCTV greatly increases your security and crime protection from simple analogue systems to digital and remote monitoring depending on the suitability to your business environment.

Sudlows maintain optimum environmental levels in the data centre for the most stable working location responsive of physical factors such as humidity, temperature, airflow and cabinet power consumption.

Installation of intelligent environmental monitoring devices provides data room or multi-rack power, effective power distribution and control. These network systems provide sophisticated monitoring and have set parameters to ensure all optimised efficiencies.

Sudlows track your carbon emissions and lower PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) ratings, as defined by The Green Grid, to achieve considerable cost savings. Technology such as CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) units monitor data centre temperature, humidity and air flow and only consume around 10% of data centre power.

Sudlows install advanced smoke and heat detector devices within the data centre in line with safety regulations. There are a range of specialist products available for both existing and new facilities including; early warning smoke detectors, fire sprinkler systems and clean agent fire suppression gaseous systems.

We specifically incorporate VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) to ensure the most effective smoke and heat protection. These are commonly located in the raised flooring, suspended ceiling voids or within the communications room itself.

Our data centre consultants will assess your facilities and design a package for your specific application.

Building Management Systems (BMS) integrate all features of environmental control in the data centre such as power, lighting, ventilation, temperature, fire suppression and security interfaces.

By unifying each environmental aspect into one dedicated system, complex internal operations can be easily monitored.

Sudlows conduct data centre witness testing and inspection to ensure high integrity and performance. It is carried out by our engineers as a way to make sure your new facility meets industry standards and provides a quality performance after installation.

Sudlows develop strong working relationships with clients and visit your data centre to examine the new systems and watch it perform during various tests. The success of a witness test depends on excellent preparation by the manufacturer and you, the purchaser.

Sudlows install and maintain racking systems, which contain vast amounts of cables necessary for connecting data centre components including robust rack mount and blade servers.

We handle all aspects of racking systems, including physical installation, configuration and testing of server hardware and network components for reliable server availability.

Whether you require new racking components or an upgrade within the constraints of your system, this can be carried out at any time during the life of our fully managed service.

Data centre cold aisle containment confines data cabling and IT hardware into dedicated, self-venting enclosures designed to absorb unwanted noise. The self‐venting feature allows free air movement and provides heat exchange for sufficient cooling.

Sudlows design and construct the containment system to incorporate adjustable mounting racks, vented front and rear doors and lockable quick release side panels.

High Density Cabinets maximise useable data centre space with their compact enclosure design; a heat exchanger is sealed into the server rack for higher capacity cooling. This keeps server cabinets at a constant temperature and minimises your data centre footprint.

Sudlows offer the flexibility to individually create design configurations to fit the needs of your data room environment.

We simply begin with a basic frame and offer higher specification product ranges from top industry manufacturers for the door panels, side panels and top panels.

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