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Data Centre Audit

Sudlows are pleased to offer clients a comprehensive data centre audit. Our highly qualified team of data centre consultants will provide both a critical assessment of your current facility condition and operating performance, whilst offering invaluable independent recommendations and advice.

So what is involved?

Every audit follows a clear three stage process that enables Sudlows to get to the core of your business, not only from a technical point of view, but also to understand how your business wants to change and develop. As a data centre specialist, Sudlows can also resolve any problems identified within the audit or simply provide technical advice on increasing your existing capacity, improvements for energy efficiency within your existing facility or even help with the commercial decision to move to a new location.

What do the three stages cover?

The audit process covers the most critical areas of the data centre, such as power, cooling and resilience.

It also casts a wider examination of the data centre facility in terms of the building’s physical structure, in particular the environment and geographic location. The audit also looks at security arrangements, not just from an access point of view, but protection of the important physical assets such as the generators and cooling plant equipment. Our final stage report and recommendations are detailed but plain speaking. Sudlows puts safety first and will highlight any critical defects or issues immediately.

Sudlows support doesn’t just end once clients have been presented with our final report.

By placing clients at the core of our business, we will work together to outline your ‘next step options’ to react to any issues identified within the audit and resolve them immediately.

As a complete data centre specialist, Sudlows will report, recommend and resolve.

Stage 1 Business overview and main discussion points

  • Define current business
  • Key facility concerns
  • Facility overview

Stage 2 Facility audit details


  • Data centre location
  • Scalability and space planning
  • Interior building structure
  • Exterior building structure
  • Interior access control and security
  • Exterior access control and security
  • Protected zones, fire control and suppression
  • Raised floors and structural load capacity
  • Housekeeping


  • Transformer and main distribution for high and low voltage
  • UPS
  • AC and DC power and monitoring
  • Emergency power supply, shutdown and lightning protection
  • Cooling systems including air filtration
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Resilience
  • Points of failure

Operating Procedures:

  • Business continuity management
  • Access procedures
  • Data security


  • Power
  • Cooling

Stage 3 Final report and recommendations

  • Summary of current state of facility
  • Critical alerts
  • Detailed review of stage 2 results
  • Next step options

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Data Centre Demo

Head of Servers, Storage and Desktop Services at The Co-operative Group, said of the project: “Sudlows continue to impress both myself and the rest of The Co-operative Project Team with their technical knowledge and service delivery”

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