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Active Equipment

Advances in technology mean that computer, network, data and IP Telephony equipment are becoming increasingly more powerful and complex.

Our active equipment portfolio helps clients release the full potential of their network connectivity infrastructure.

By building upon advanced cabling infrastructures our Connectivity team specialists can create high performance converged IP data products from Enterprise Servers and Storage all the way through the different layers of network architecture to Intelligent Infrastructure Management for all Wireless Connectivity, Intelligent Building Systems,  IP CCTV & Security Systems, IP Telephony, IP Monitoring and Access Control.

We integrate, install and support a host of ICT products to enable you to truly benefit from a converged IP network, delivered across one unified infrastructure.

Our role is to transform your IT infrastructure and operations into a strategic business asset supporting your business growth and agility by integrating the most innovative portfolio of network and data storage solutions from leading IT networking vendors such as Juniper and EMC².

Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) increases the productivity and efficiency of all active equipment processes.
Systems are tested alongside the client’s communication devices to ensure successfully device integration.
Sudlows install resilient wireless products and advanced levels of cabling connectivity, including Wireless LAN (WiFi), WiMAX Compatible Technology and Mesh Networks.
We are accredited to install Meru, Nortel, Alcatel-Lucent and Cisco Wireless Solutions for your choice of high speed networks. Point-to-point links can be installed to offer high bandwidth for Line of Sight and Non Line of Sight locations. Wireless routers are capable of supporting super 3G and GPRS systems and exciting new technologies can even deliver internet access to multiple users using ordinary power lines.Wireless systems are designed to sufficiently support the demands for future bandwidth and provide the ultimate flexibility. Discuss your connectivity concerns with our team.

IP CCTV & Security Systems

Sudlows can install various types of access control system depending on the suitability to your business.
Standalone and PC based access control offers two different methods of securing your facilities. They are typically appropriate for small to medium-sized business premises by allowing main access control to the building.PC based systems are most ideal for larger-sized organisations such as government and university buildings. They are increasingly being used to control additional services within buildings, for example intruder alarms, fire doors, lifts and lighting. It offers central network management for flexible control of individual or groups of users and provides instant generation of reports of people accessing building areas.
IP based video surveillance can include the installation of megapixel cameras, video management software, video analytics, remote monitoring, video wall.


Network Planning Officer at Manchester University Computing, said of the project: “We have found a partner in Sudlows that truly understands the needs of the University of Manchester. All of our students rely on the University networks for support during their studies, so our communications network cannot be anything other than robust”

Case Studies

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