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Case Studies

Daisy Group

Data Centres: Daisy Group

Daisy Group is one of the largest independent providers of unified communications and technology services to the UK’s business community. Read more


Data Centres: Brighton Digital Exchange (BDX)

The (Brighton Digital Exchange) BDX is a business co-operative working to improve digital infrastructure and services in Brighton. Founded by seven technology companies, the BDX is a unique collaboration between Wired Sussex and technology businesses offering services to the Brighton business community. Read More

The Co-op Food store

Connectivity: The Co-operative Food Stores

The Co-operative Food has a retail presence in every postal area throughout the UK. Sudlows were awarded the framework, in 2012, to deliver a rolling national programme of infrastructure upgrades to over 500 retail outlets per year. This extensive programme includes; ATM banking, store EPOS upgrades, and even WiFi connectivity. Read more



Data Centres: Atkins

Sudlows were appointed by Atkins to undertake a programme of detailed audits to assess their global data centre capacity throughout the Middle East. Read more


Data Centres: Electricity North West

Sudlows were asked to deliver a highly resilient, state of the art facility to support the critical infrastructure of this energy operator. Read more

St Pauls

Connectivity: The Co-operative St Paul’s Building

The Co-operative Banking division, were looking to consolidate all their commodities trading operations into a single building situated close to the London Stock Exchange. The St Paul’s building was completely refurbished with the latest
connectivity and power infrastructures.  Read More

CFD image

Data Centres: CFD Modelling

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology was used to assess the cooling airflow available to each new and existing rack, providing the client with key information about the maximum airflow consumption each rack could potentially support. Read more

copy DSC_3447

Fibre Specialists: Lancashire County Cricket Club

With a £32 million redevelopment of the Ground nearing completion the Lancashire County Cricket Club required a reliable ‘always on’ high speed fibre connection. Read More


Data Centres: University Of Portsmouth

Sudlows were awarded the contract to design and build a new £2.25million modular facility, to be installed and commissioned ready in time for the start of the new academic year. The primary focus was on the successful migration of the existing Mercantile house data centre to the new, purpose built, modular facility. Read More


Data Centres: Bytemark

Bytemark Hosting has been the “geek hosting outfit of choice” for UK hosting since 2002, because it’s run by a programmer (Matthew Bloch) and network engineer (Peter Taphouse). Read More


Data Centres: Design and Consultancy Services

With over 10 years experience operating within the data centre industry. Sudlows has built up an unrivalled reputation for designing and building award winning data centre facilities.
Operating with a specialist team of Consultants, Engineers, 3D CAD and Computational Fluid Designers (CFD) in house, Sudlows are able to provide detailed technical analysis and reporting of proposed and existing data centre facilities. Read More

John Rylands Photos 053

Connectivity: The John Rylands Library

Included in this development is a £16.8 million programme to enhance the John Rylands Library – a magnificent neo-Gothic building located in the heart of Manchester. Read more

manchester uni (cabling infra)

Connectivity: University of Mancheser (Data Cabling Infrastructure)

Having worked with the University over the last two decades, Sudlows were approached to design and install a robust data cabling infrastructure for the new building. Read More

manchester uni (fibre infra)

Fibre Specialists: University of Manchester (Fibre Infrastructure)

As part of the development of the University campus, some of the existing buildings had to be demolished to make way for new buildings. In order for this to be done, all existing data and telecommunication cables, which either ran into, or directly through the buildings, had to be removed. Read more


Fibre Specialists: INEOS

Sudlows were approached to design and build a new high bandwidth fibre network flexible enough to accommodate future expansion and reduce infrastructure costs. Read more

oldham met boro

Fibre Specialists: Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council

When the operating costs for Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council’s (OMBC) Conventional Fibre system began to soar following high line rental connectivity, it became the perfect time to look at installing their own private fibre infrastructure. Read More

coop financial services

Data Centres: The Co-operative-Financial Services

The Co-operative Financial Services (CFS) is an integral division of the renowned Co-operative Group including; The Co-operative Bank, Smile Internet Bank and The Britannia all providing comprehensive financial services, insurance, investments and online banking to 9 million customers nationwide. Read More


Data Centres: Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council introduced a new project targeted at building a new, high performance data centre. Sudlows were successfully commissioned to design and build the Tier II facility. Read More

co-op pharmacy

Data Centres: The Co-operative Pharmacy

The Co-operative Pharmacy required a reliable communications infrastructure for the successful dispatch and delivery of prescriptions and over-the-counter products to almost 500 chemists throughout the UK. Read More

spinning fields

Electrical Services: Spinningfields

Spinningfields, 3 Hardman Square, is Europe’s latest business district, a dynamic city environment for commercial, civic, residential, hotel, leisure and retail space.
Sudlows carried out a full electrical fixed wire test and inspection at one of the popular five-floor office developments in Manchester City Centre. Read More

The Co-operative Food

Connectivity: The Co-operative Food

With 2,800 stores across the UK and over 74,000 employees, The Co-operative is the UK’s fifth biggest food retailer and one of Britain’s largest farming operations. Sudlows were tasked with installing a new communications infrastructure to support their expanding retail programme and improve operational efficiency and logistics. Read More

Critical Power Incident

Electrical Services: Critical Power Incident

In the early hours of a Sunday morning, the Managed Services department at Sudlows received an urgent call from the data centre team at one of the UK’s leading major retailers.
A major incident had occurred at their primary data centre facility, resulting in a total loss of all back up power to a number of their systems. Read more

Critical Power Incident

Data Centres: Critical Power Incident

In the early hours of a Sunday morning, the Managed Services department at Sudlows received an urgent call from the data centre team at one of the UK’s leading major retailers.
A major incident had occurred at their primary data centre facility, resulting in a total loss of all back up power to a number of their systems. Read more

EMIS data centre - INRak

Data Centres: EMIS

Egton Medical Information Systems Ltd (EMIS), based in Leeds, is estimated to hold the data for around 39 million patient records. It is the UK’s leading supplier of healthcare software and related services to GP practices; with over 50% of GP practices currently in the UK utilising the EMIS system. Sudlows were awarded the contract to design and build a new ground floor data centre facility, located above an existing basement facility, within the main IT building. Read more

Leeds Town Hall

Data Centres: Leeds City Council

With a population of 750,000 Leeds is the second largest metropolitan district in England. Established in 1974, Leeds City Council employs over 33,000 people and provides public services to one of the fastest growing cities in the UK.
The council required an urgent replacement electrical power plant for the primary ICT data centre at Leeds City Council. Read more


Data Centres: Manufacturing Technology Centre

The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) represents a £40.5 million publicly funded investment and has been developed in response to the Government’s manufacturing strategy which sets out an ambitious new vision for high technology manufacturing. Sudlows were awarded the contract to design and fit out a new server room for the MTC. Read More

National Records of Scotland

Data Centres: National Records of Scotland

The General Register Office for Scotland (GROS) has combined with the National Archives of Scotland, both departments have been renamed the National Records of Scotland (NRS) and is part of the devolved Scottish Administration. Its principle ethos is “Preserving the Past, Recording the Present, Informing the Future.” The server room is located at New Register House within Central Edinburgh; an area designated a World Heritage Site.  Read More

University of Birmingham

Fibre Specialists: University of Birmingham

Founded in 1900, the University of Birmingham represented a new model for higher education. Not only was it the first civic university in the UK, but it was also the first in the country to be built in a campus arrangement. The University required an essential Blown Fibre upgrade across the Northern hub of the University campus, to provide the schools and departments with a reliable ‘always on’ high speed connection. Read More

Zen Internet

Data Centres: Zen Internet

Zen Internet is one of the UK’s leading independent Internet Service Providers (ISP). When launched in 1995, Zen was one of the first ISPs in the country and has remained at the cutting-edge of the industry ever since, proven by winning many service accolades including 12 Which? Endorsements over the past 7 years. Read more

Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen - Mini pod 377

Data Centres: Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust

The Trust required a new state of the art data centre for the current operations being utilised throughout the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. Read more

The Co-operative Group - Salford Data Centre

Data Centres: The Co-operative Group Salford DC

Sudlows were invited to build a new green data centre, entirely independent from a number of The Co-operatives Financial Services facilities that were already operating from the same site. This location was selected by The Co-operative Group as part of its programme to move to a new purpose built £100million Head Office. The new data centre is designed to be a highly efficient and sustainable development, whilst still achieving an impressive Tier 3 resilience. Read More

Front of Anglia Ruskin's Helmore Building

Data Centres: Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Ruskin University is one of the largest universities in the East of England with around 30,000 students. Sudlows were selected as the main contractor for this exciting project, aimed at developing a highly available, energy efficient and secure communications facility…Read more

Jodrell bank 001

Connectivity: Jodrell Bank

The world famous Jodrell Bank Observatory, internationally renowned for its steerable radio telescope, needed an integrated network infrastructure to support a large educational expansion plan. Read more…

Greater manc mental health

Fibre Specialists: Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS

When GMW was looking to implement an upgraded communications infrastructure it turned to Sudlows to design and install a high specification and flexible solution. Read More


Connectivity: Government Communications Headquarters

Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) is an intelligence and security organisation, whose primary customers are the Ministry Of Defence, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and law enforcement authorities. As an experienced BT/Unisys service partner, Sudlows delivered extensive voice and data infrastructure to this vitally important national asset. Read More…


Data Centres: Datanet

Sudlows were asked to design a data centre which would supply a higher power allowance to support their clients’ networks. This new development would provide a core infrastructure to facilitate their expansion. Read More…

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